25 thoughts on “Best referee in Norway

  1. @seriall1337 well chelsea won a rare premierleague title this year in the most slender way possible and in much more controversial fashion than this but the difference is man utd didn’t harass the officials despite the FACT that they let them down big time this season let alone harass the ref, get a well overdue yellow card and still continue harassing the ref and pointing at him, man handling him and shouting and swearing at the camera’s….CHELSEA=SCUM. shit winners and sore losers.

  2. @imudger well said champ – shame we have replays these days and barca handballed twice. BUT what can you do… the ref was dropped for 3 games and investigated for match fixing. But thats not cause he had a bad game as ref …… why the fuck would we care otherwise dickhead. Hypocritacal spics. agreed learn the rules and not falling ova eachother soft spic cunts. EPL dominates all and CHELSEA FC 4 LIFE- FUcking soppy muggy cunts!

  3. What does barca have to do with the refs decisions:S? We got a red card do you really think we paid the ref to give us a red card? Stop blaming your loss on the penalty’s and start playing real football instead of using 9 defenders.

  4. fuck you~~noobs….we worked so hard for the champions league and u stupid barcalona just robbed us like this…its really a FUCKING disgrace~~~~!!!

  5. LMAOO AHA O MAN How was eto’o our best player:S Did he score the most? Nope messi scored 39 this season eto’o got 33 did he give the most assist nope messi got double the amount he got. Real footbal? Its funny how Manchester United, Inter, and real madrid players all sed what chelsea did was not footbal “going all into defence, not playing a real game like barca did”. How did barca cheat ..IF THEY GOT A RED CARD YOU FOOL. So you say you guys need penelty’s 😐 Aha ye real footbal.

  6. wat the fuck r u on about
    1. we scored (and it was a belter)
    2.u say barca play real football is it football or handball ur playing in spain now i dont know.
    3.If barca got threw chelsea so easily then why did it take them till the 91 miniute to have a shot on target
    4.u ent gunna do shit this season ur best player(eto) has gone.
    5.Fuck you from any football fans who actually respects a rule book.

    ps. learn to play with ur feet not ur hands

  7. Chelsea so good? If there so good why do they have to depend on peneltys. Why cant they make a play againts a barca team that only had 10 men. sad sad. O wait i got the awnser to that. Because they have 9 men on defence while barca easily got threw them. STOP DEPENDING ON REFS AND START PLAYING REAL FOOTBAL.

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