25 thoughts on “Dana White “Steve Mazzagatti is the worst referee in the history of f**king fights!”

  1. @caswell01 herb dean is just as bad as the rest. john mccarthy is the best ref out there. anyone who says herb dean is the best ref out there are dana white wannabes.

  2. fuck? steve mazzagatti isn’t even that bad of a referee. Dan miragliotta is the worst referee ever, same with yves leven or whatever the fuck dont know how to spell his bitch ass name

  3. @Macimate dude!! great fighters dosnt have to be big, Why do you want to see big guys in the fucking ufc hugging och having sex on the floor ha?? does it turn you on to see brock lesnar getting fucked up you faggot!! boxing is beutiful, get it!!!!!!!!

    ufc fighter dosnt have personality, the looks of a athlet, more money, brain.
    boxing have everything!!!!

  4. @tatoshka12738 MMA is boring? And you root for BOXING? Boxing these days is 12 rounds of who has the best defense. It’s snoozefests and very rarely do you see awesome knockouts or exciting matches like in MMA. You’re an outdated douche. Btw, Pacquaio is like 5’5″..who the fuck wants to pay for a midget fight. He probably couldnt even reach my chin.

  5. @oliboz There is no rest period for anything but a low blow. If you get hit with a downward elbow or a knee to the head while down you DO NOT get 5 minutes to recover. That’s why boxers day every year they get knocked down but get a 9 sec break to recuperate, then go and get knocked down again and again.

  6. @thesashworth Well I agree with the money slightly but look at why boxing is in debt(Well not in debt yet ) well two main reason less people watch it now because they don’t give a show and two the fighters are paid millions. For each fight that a lot of money given out. Dana doesn’t pay that much because giving a million a piece on the main card will drain there cash there for they lose more money. Still at least four hundred for the main card bouts is good enough.

  7. mazagatti is a fucking Cunt! plain and simple ! ! !
    ok, brock lesnar’s ufc debut, ufc 81> he gets frank on the ground and starts to smash on frank’s face and then frank starts twisting and turning to try and get away from the blows!
    and brock hit him on the back of the head ONCE.. ok.
    any other referee would have said ”watch the back of the head”
    but mazzagatti had to be a total Dick head and deduct a point from lesnar.
    and if that wouldn’t hav happened… brock would have won by tko.

  8. Why do people think Dana White somehow knows these refs @ every event ? Thatks just simply not true, the only ref Dana White has on the payroll is Herb “The Dumb Nigger” Dean !!!!

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