25 thoughts on “Funny – Football player tries to celebrate with the referee after final whistle

  1. are u unhappy that he didnt celebrate victory with the team which playing
    against your national team?!!! btw, its against the rules. he cant support
    any side. and as i know,iranians used to call arabs “grasshopper eater” not
    lizard dude! i tried it in thailand,doesnt taste bad!

  2. doroste davar goh bud valy maham bayad uzbako dige bebarim tu azadi rahat,
    akhe kasi asaln uzbakiestano nemishnase tu donya

  3. Thats true.. others got much stronger but Iran stayed the same or maybe
    weaker than 10 years ago. but, Iran deserved atleast a draw.

  4. go meet a psychologist dude! am replying u polite, u randomly make your
    comment dirty! u complain about other arab refree about iran team, by
    watching an arab refereee who actually was supportive toy our team and
    didnt let uzbak guy fool him! dont be racist dude. everywhere got good and
    bad people.our problem now,is not arabs,its first our government,second our
    people who have become arrogant and not patient and cant get along in a
    normal conversation.

  5. lol excuses excuses a team like iran wont go anywhere anyway unless their
    football association goes through a revolutionary process involving more
    emphasis on the youth system

  6. but do u remember the first game? that time it was unfair to uzbaks. iran
    lost because recently we lose in everything! mistakes always happens in
    football,why they didnt try again?

  7. yeah that too. I never said that this team is perfect or that they deserve
    to go to the world cup. they have to earn it. and yes there are many many
    things wrong with iranian football association. I was just talking about
    the refreeing at this game and many games such as this that i have seen in
    my life time. I dont expect Iran to win a wc or anything anytime soon but
    there are lots of talents there and need right programing as u said. but
    still BS with how the ref was calling the game…

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