23 thoughts on “Horrible soccer referee mistakes

  1. in here you see where people actually kick the ball with their FOOT… so it’s called FOOTBALL… when people carry a ball in their HANDS… i call that HANDBALL and it’s very popular sport in europe… but american football…what the fuck is that???

  2. La inperfecciòn del futbol hace que se despierten todos estos sentimientos, por eso el futbol es lo màs hermoso del mundo, obvio si lo vemos desde el punto de vista de la corrupciòn arbitral es INJUSTICIA pero si lo vemos desde el punto de vista del error humano es parte del juego, eso lo hace HERMOSO

  3. What happens in the corner kick at 1:32? Is it disqualified on time? If so, and the kick really was taken after time expired (according to the clock on the screen), isn’t that the right call?

  4. @NaruSoccer relax mann. im a referee too (started around your age:12 and now 17). you’ll learn to ignore all this as people only see the worse calls which is all part of our job. its only what you respond to that matters.
    – a fellow referee (USSF)

  5. Im am a soccer referee and I am only 14. Referees are human and make mistakes,and no one understands how hard the job is. Can you make a video of all the good referee calls? Nope! Cause it would be days long. Stop bagging on referees, they are there to help the game of soccer. Shessh…

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