Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much

Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much for their mistakes and it hurts them.

Webb himself had been a high class referee for a number of years before quitting the job following the last World Cup.

Webb says that referees are also human beings and thus, it’s just not possible that they keep making right decisions every day. They are surely going to be making the wrong calls at some point of time, but, that doesn’t mean they should just be slammed.

There have been big mistakes committed by a couple of Elite referees in the English top division off late and the teams, that have fallen victim to those mistakes, have been very critical in the media.

According to Webb, excessive criticism sometimes causes the referees to doubt themselves and their abilities. They start thinking that they are not good enough anymore.

Webb remains in touch with the English referees and he has helped quite a few of them in terms of getting on with the job and not sort of worrying about what is being said about them or their decisions in the outside world.

But, from his own experience, Webb knows that it’s not easy to just ignore the outside stuff.

Speaking to a magazine yesterday, he said, “I happen to have a lot of conversations with the referees who are active right now and talking to them, I feel that they are under massive pressure. They have to take a lot of criticism and they get very hurt at times. Being in the same sort of situation myself, I totally understand what they go through.”

Webb was in charge of the title game of the World Cup 2010 that was played between Netherlands and Spain.

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