Howard Webb says Diving is getting worse every Season

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb has rejected suggestions that the issue of diving is getting worse with every season. A number of players have already been booked for simulation in the first half of the season.

Chelsea have especially been found wanting in this department, as players like Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have been cautioned for this reason. Many managers have tried to defend their players while there have also been cases of referees making a mistake.Webb is the technical director of the Professional Game Match Officials – a group that is in charge of the referees.

Webb says that the game is no longer encouraging the act of simulation. In fact, he has recalled that several managers, media, and fans have come out in criticism of diving. In this scenario, he does not see the act growing in popularity amongst players. Conversely, he says that it has regressed this year with many players trying to stay on their feet even in the penalty spot.Webb is one of the experienced referees in English football. He has been in charge of several important games like the Champions League final and 2010 World Cup final. The repeated frustration surrounding diving has even led to several managers calling for retrospective punishment for the players.

“In terms of the impact simulation has in comparison to, say, giving an incorrect throw-in, it is more significant because it is more emotive and has an impact on the outcome of the game.Ultimately it involves someone trying to cheat. It’s not getting worse from what we can see. There seems to be a bigger negative reaction to it. Less acceptance. Managers stepping up their reaction and saying they fine players for diving in training sessions,” said Webb. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has furiously denied claims that his players simulate a lot.

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