13 thoughts on “Kenny Bayless – The Best Boxing Referee in the World

  1. @maforo85 Mayweather is a natural born War Artist for that move..lol…The cleverness, and the ruthlessness….IDENTICAL to something machiavelli would do..lol

  2. @tamzokes No , mayweather let himself be hugged and then immediatley I mean IMMEDIATELY punched Ortiz, he just took advantage. Plus the referee distracted Ortiz, its normal. Dont overlook thiese details. Be realistic.

  3. i agree this guy is the best referee. i think joe cortez is one of the worst. he makes so many cock ups and usually keeps interjecting when not necessary.

  4. @eplayersus sad thing is you’ll never see half his success in 10 lifetimes. Tell your mother that. Parker is an idiot. They DID send them to their corners they DID touch gloves. And Floyd knocked his head off. LEGAL and gets the big check

  5. Look mama, there goes that black man that keeps saying he can beat Manny even if Manny using steroids. mama, he keeps saying it but he never fights Manny and then go fight a top rated best rank40 name Ortiz. mama, should i grow up and be like that black man ?

  6. him and tony weeks are the two best boxing refs in the buisness. When I watch a fight they are overseeing I Know it really going to be fair and no BS just real honest boxing. Thanks to both Kevin Bayless and Tony Weeks

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