14 thoughts on “Life as a Sunday League referee

  1. If I’m pedantic, Howard Webb and other Premier League are FIFA
    International level, Championship referees are level 1! 

  2. just ended my first year as a referee, realy enjoed it. I recommend it to
    anyone who enjoys the beautiful game of soccer/football.

  3. im 15 and now in my 2nd season, really enjoying it and would like to
    referee in the football league one day

  4. I’ve just passed my fa refereeing course, and on Sunday I will have my very
    first match and Im 14, anyone got any tips?

  5. The minimum age is 14 when i did it about 3 years ago has it been changed?
    I’m now 17 going on 18 in a few but know guys dong it at 13???

  6. I’m 16 and I’m in my third year or refereeing 🙂 It’s really good when you
    get into it!

  7. I’m 16 and have been refereeing for 2 years. It’s honestly great,
    especially when you find good peers to work with!

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