Everton manager David Moyes has said that referee Howard Webb is the right man to handle the match between Everton and Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final. David Moyes has been having the extra motivation to win the FA Cup this season, as he will be celebrating his decade in charge of Everton this season. They are unlikely to cause an upset in the league, which means that David Moyes has been prioritising the FA Cup for Everton this season. The Scotsman went close to winning the title with Everton a few seasons ago when they made it to the final of the competition only to be beaten by Chelsea.

In order to win this year’s competition, David Moyes has went to extraordinary lengths. He rested a number of first-team players in the match against Liverpool earlier in the season, which resulted in a 3-0 defeat for the team. He rested the players in order to concentrate on the weekend match against Sunderland in the FA Cup. The decision was justified a few days later after Everton manager to qualify for the FA Cup semifinals. Once again, it was Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final when the draw was made. The English FA also announced that referee Howard Webb will be in charge of the match.

“We will go with the referee on the day. We will trust his judgement. No doubt I will be shouting if things don’t go right but that’s what you do if you’re a manager. We are not arguing with the referees at Everton. We’ve had bad decisions here, and have had to take them on the chin. I’ve not made too big fuss of it. I’ve not called Mike Riley or spoke to him. We have to go with the integrity of the referee, which we will do,” said Moyes.

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