Premier league referee Howard Webb is regarded as one of the best in the world. He has received several acclaims over the last few years including being the referee at the FIFA World Cup final. He has said that the respect shown by players towards referees has increased substantially over the years. Webb has been a Premier league referee for the last 10 years, and he has sent from his own personal experience that players are now respecting referees more than ever. He has also pointed out to the statistics that show a decrease in the number of yellow cards shown for dissent.

Webb, however, has acknowledged that there are occasions when emotions get the best out of a player and it is difficult to control in such a situation. The Premier league will see the introduction of goal-line technology from this season onwards. There have been several goals disputes due to the lack of this technology and the Premier league has finally accepted the inclusion. Webb has said that he is someone who welcomes technology in the game, as it would help them give out better decisions. Webb has also recalled the stamina and physical fitness required in order to become a Premier league referee.

“I’ve been involved in the Premier League for 10 years. If you look at the records for cautions for dissent, the numbers are down. Speaking from personal experience, the relations I have with players is by and large positive. Of course, football is an emotional game and sometimes emotions spill over in a way that is not acceptable, but most of the games that I am involved in pass off without that sort of incident. It’s our occupation. We have to be athletes – we have to be totally physically and mentally prepared for the challenge,” said Webb.

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