The toughest is English Premier League

The English Premier League is considered by many fans and experts of the sport of football to be the most competitive and difficult League out of all the top European Leagues. It’s considered to be so tough due to the amount of clubs that are competing for the top spot and have a realistic chance of winning the title.

Another reason why it’s labeled to be so hard is because of the unexpected results that emerge from time to time with the outcome of matches being very difficult to predict and even though Hull City is not one of the most powerful or top clubs in the Premier League, Hull City experienced a nasty surprise after losing against the last team in the Premier League, Burnley.

Hull City is managing to stay just barely alive and out of the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League after having secured a number of admirable draws and a few victories. The team of Steve Bruce was able to secure a draw when playing in the home turf of Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and also when locking horns with Liverpool at Anfield.

Those draws were certainly not mind-blowing results for Hull City but it was still something worth remembering as they managed to snatch 1 point from each of those games even though they played against in the home stadium of those top clubs.

However, there was a result that has disappointed, shocked and frustrated Steve Bruce as he witnessed his squad of players making an underwhelming performances against Burnley as his team lost 1-0 when playing against the last team which is currently located in the standings of the Premier League.

The head coach of Hull City, Steve Bruce displayed his disappointment of the performance of his players after they lost against Burnley and he went on saying that it will not happen again.

“I can’t dress it up any other way. I can’t defend them. Make no mistake. It won’t happen again.For 90 minutes, Hull had an identity crisis. They had prospered as underdogs at the Emirates Stadium and Anfield but Burnley, the ultimate outsiders, usurped them to claim that mantle. There was an expectation for us to come here and turn them over. But we were so lackluster and lifeless it was scary.” Steve Bruce said.

Essien Agitated With Issues On Appearance Fees

Michael Essien is seriously miffed with the very publicized row regarding appearance fees of the Ghana team. In a recent interview with Dzamefe Commission, the famous midfielder from Black Stars has remarked that the problem with appearance fees o would not have been a huge deal had the authorities been actually straight with the footballers,

Dzamefe Commission have been entrusted with the responsibility to investigate Ghana football team’s appearance in recently concluded 2014 World Cup

“Our appearance fee wasn’t exactly the problem. The main issue was the promise & failure to fulfill whatever assured”, stressed the star midfielder while speaking to the Commission over camera.

“We players score for pride & it’s a great honor to be on field for Ghana”, continued the much revered midfield maestro. “I have sacrificed in spite of 9 surgeries whilst playing for my country.”

Essien had a prolonged interview with Dzamefe Commission in camera through Skype, spanning for an hour. The interview has been described as “fruitful” for both sides by the Commission.

“These & other explanations, recommendations, denials, revelations would assist the Commission in reaching to recommendations and conclusions post fact-finding. Other players would be heard very soon”, read a statement from Dzamefe Commission.

As per the reports from Justice Dzamefe Commission PRO Thomas B Agyemang, Essien has denied all accusations regarding refusal to warm up ahead of Portugal match. Speaking on the issue he noted that as per his knowledge, substitutes won’t need warming up always prior to the games.

“They only warm up while changes seem potential for the games”, explained Essien. The star midfielder , whose sole game during World Cup 2014 was as substitute in USA-Ghana 1-2 loss match, also expressed discontent on having “too many of people around squad & this must be checked.”

Webb Makes Statement

For the past few years Howard Webb has been a name that kept on buzzing around but for the wrong reasons as the English referee is a constant subject of criticism due to his decisions in the pitch which generally favor Manchester United and of those matches was back in 2012 when Chelsea played against Manchester United in a Premier League match that saw Chelsea having a comfortable 3-0 advantage but Howard Webb allowed Manchester United on taking 2 penalty set-pieces which had a huge impact on the game that ultimately concluded in a 3-3 draw.

He has made questionable decisions not only in the Premier League but also during FA Cup and Champions League matches but now the Englishman has decided to step down and take up a new job as he announced his retirement from refereeing in order to become the technical director of the Professional Game Match Officials Board. This is an organization that has the task of appointing officials for Premier League matches in England.

Throughout his career of being in charge of matches in the high tier league of England, Webb has officiated over 500 games as well as having the privilege of officiating matches in World Cups.

When Webb was asked about his decisions which usually favor Manchester United in big matches, he went on saying:

‘’There’s no element of truth in it. It’s not something that affected me or played on my mind at all. It wasn’t hurtful. Much of it is tongue-in-cheek, of course. What does play on my mind is when I’ve made a mistake, particularly an influential one that has affected the outcome of a game. I’d be dishonest if I said it didn’t bother me. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my career. Refereeing has given me so much and I think it’s important that match officials who have had the rewards remain in the game to pass on their knowledge,” Howard Webb said.

Torres Loses Feeling Of ‘Invincibility’

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has claimed that he has lost the feeling of invincibility after joining Chelsea. Torres was a regular first-team player at both Atletico Madrid and Liverpool – his previous clubs. However, he has struggled to exert his influence after his £ 50 million move from Liverpool at Chelsea. Even though many managers like Carlo Ancelotti and Andre Villas-Boas persisted with him initially, he has since been a regular on the bench. Last season, it was no different because he played only a handful of big matches with José Mourinho largely preferring Samuel Eto’o and Demba Ba for these kind of matches.

Torres says that his poor form has been done to the fact that he has not been playing regularly, while he has also laid the blame on Chelsea style of play. According to him, he does not seem to be in the right wavelength with his Chelsea teammates and it is not allowing him to get into goal scoring positions. Torres was widely expected to leave Chelsea in the summer, but Mourinho recently confirmed that the striker will now be part of the squad next season. Torres has promised to work hard and establish himself in the Chelsea first-team.

He is aware that the competition will be more from next season onwards. “At Liverpool, I had almost everything but titles. There, I felt like a king but the team was falling apart. The directors had sold Mascherano to Barca, then Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid without investing any of the money to compensate for the departure of these two key players. I was 27, I wanted to know what it was like to lift the Champions League and I had the feeling it was not going to happen with the Reds. Liverpool then was in full transition, the club was being sold,” said Torres