25 thoughts on “Referee Hits Players and Sent Off Them | Alnasar 1-4 Alarabi – VIVA Kuwait League 2014 [FULL VIDEO]

  1. Lol that was a pretty badass referee..except for hitting the one player who
    was trying to help him (that number 11 guy) lol

  2. The last red card is incorrect…the player takes a kick in and is allowed
    to kick the ball wherever he wishes. It is in general play, there is
    nothing to say that wasn’t an attempted shot on goal.

  3. Some of these guys should watch rugby and learn to respect the referee I
    mean he shouldn’t have hit them and I couldn’t exactly tell what happened
    but there were 5 people just stood around him

  4. Hahahaha funny the ref keeps showing red cards. Right when he punched the
    guy HE had a red card on himself

  5. There’s too much hate in these countries, not enough self control, they
    need Jesus

  6. للأسف حتى تعليقات الأجانب تحت، شتم بالعرب
    أتوقع غلطة لاعبين، في أقوى الدوريات بالعالم محد يمسك الحكم حتى لو أخطأ 

  7. Lmaooo funniest shit ever this guy knocks out a player and gives him a red
    card then starts handing red cards out to the whole team ahahahhaha

  8. Stupid referee, robbing a lot, it was a foul at the wine color team at
    attack and the referee didn’t signed it, at other side, he signed a
    penalty, such a lack of character, shitty ref.

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