The referees all around the world have appreciated FIFA’s decision of implementing goal-line technology in the football matches being played these days.

In the recently played Confederations Cup, the referees had the luxury of using this technology, but, they didn’t need that. All the 68 goals scored in the tournament were clear.

This technology will be used in the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil as well.

One of the leading match referees in the World Howard Webb seemed to be very impressed with this technology. When asked how good this technology is, Webb said, “It’s great for the referees. It will help them make more correct decisions. It’s a very reliable technology.”

“It doesn’t really take the decision out of the hands of the referees. It just helps them to be more certain.”

“Also, it has worked well in the matches in which it has been implemented. So, it’s quite obvious to use it in the World Cup finals.”

Webb has a huge refereeing experience. He has been in this field since the last 20 years. He has refereed matches in all the big competitions including the Premier League, Champions League, World Cup and Euro Championships.

In the final match of the 2010 World Cup which was played between Spain and Holland, it was Webb who was the referee. He has been selected again for the 2014 World Cup finals.

Webb officiated a few matches in the recently played Confederations Cup as well which was played in Brazil. The host nation ended up winning it.

When asked how it was like officiating matches in Brazil, he said, “It was wonderful. The passion that the people of Brazil have for soccer is just amazing. They keep singing their national anthem right through the games.”

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