25 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Ref? pt.1

  1. wow i just started watchin mls and one of the first thing i heard of was
    paul tamberino. its cool to see this vid. pt 2??

  2. @mmmodafoca PSSHH. I’ll be a BEAST refferee. I won’t be hated..okay maybe a
    little haha it’s hard not to hate Refs.

  3. The physical tests get harder as you go up in levels, grade 8 the lowest
    tier doesn’t have physical test to qualify.

  4. @ADAJ3 well it’s only Grade 7 and after. Grade 8, your basic referee, does
    not have to.

  5. It’s not quite so extreme as that. In the UK they have to attend a training
    camp every fortnight, and must be able to run 2700m in 12 minutes. The
    fitness is a lot, but most referees in the UK have full times jobs also, so
    they structure the training around that. International referees can now go
    on until 45, which seems to be more reasonable.

  6. There are some out of shape refs that I’ve seen. I guess they are kind of
    like cops, they had to be in good shape at some point to pass the fitness

  7. @ADAJ3 Yup. That’s true but referees need to pass the fitness test twice a
    year and once before every major tournament.

  8. Professional refs are often suspended if they don’t maintain their fitness.
    Obviously it takes a poor game to determine whether or not they have but
    the physicality of a soccer match is definitely a large part of a refs job.

  9. @mychemicalromancegrr go for it dude!! i’ve never heard of someone wanting
    to be hated so much by the public. hehehe cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. No actually, I’m a Low English Tier Referee, currently 16 and you have to
    pass those tests every week. Easy for you to criticise from your computer

  11. Lol – I looked at the pre-season fitness regime for Premier League refs, it
    was like they had to run for 7 miles every day, as well as go to the gym.
    International refs get automatically retired at 40. Gone are the days of an
    old bald guy huffing and puffing around the park (although that still
    happens in Sunday league).

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