Remember how Carragher avoided a red card?

Sky Sport pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville talk about how influencing referees had helped them as former footballers diffuse potential tough situations.

Carragher mentioned he was avoided getting sent off as he talked his way out. The game between Liverpool and Manchester United on Monday night is keenly awaited, and both pundits shared former experienced playing in such high profile games.

Carragher said when both sides met in 2011, he avoided a red card when he was tackled Red Devils winger Nani.
“I was on favourable terms with the referee Phil Dowd. I got him on my own, pulled him and said ‘he just beat me with skills.’ Everyone is fighting and I got him over like an experienced pro. Did I think it was a red card at the time? Oh yeah. I’ve seen the reaction of all the players but like I said, I got Phil Dowd on his own, had a word with him and we came to some sort of a deal,” Carragher revealed.
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Former referee Howard Webb believes Fellaini is a cheater

Manchester United locked horns with Liverpool on March 17 for a UEFA Europa league match and the final scoreboard displayed 1-1 but there was something that occurred in the match that still continues being talked about and it involves an elbow blow from MarouaneFellaini.


Liverpool came out on top with the victory as they had an aggregate advantage of 3-1 but it’s Fellaini who is receiving the attention from the media and has been placed in the headlines of football websites due to a few actions that he made during the game.

At the 9th minute of the match, Fellaini elbowed Firmino. The Belgian player did not receive an infraction or anything as the referee decided to keep hold of his yellow and red cards instead of displaying them to Fellaini.

In the 2nd half of the match, Fellaini did a similar thing but this time to Liverpool’s Lovren and the referee M.Mazic gave a yellow card to the Belgian but Howard Webb believes that the Belgian player deserved a red card.

Former referee Howard Webb said: “It’s one thing imposing yourself on the game, but another thing being a thug on the pitch. Fellaini can’t play without throwing his elbows around. I think he should have been suspended for the incident in the first leg but UEFA never looked at it. This ongoing battle with Can continues, he throws an arm reckless in my opinion, not violent, worth a yellow card. Continue reading Former referee Howard Webb believes Fellaini is a cheater