Divers will be punished

Howard Webb believes that the introduction of Video Assistant Referee system will put an end to diving within the game.

He said that divers have been affecting the team negatively and that it is high time to bring this to an end.

The former referee said that it is never easy for a referee to distinguish a dive from a genuine foul in the heat of the action but with Video Assistant Referee system this can become easier.

Video Assistant Referee system has been tried in some matches and will be introduced in the FA Cup this coming season.

Howard Webb who knows work for MLS said that they would be using Video Assistant Referee system this season and they will see how it goes.

He believes that the system will be a major asset for referees and will allow them to make decision better and fairer for all parties. He believes that this needs to be coupled with new rules for retrospective punishment so that players know that they will be punished if they try to cheat on the pitch. Continue reading Divers will be punished


Real Madrid’s 2-o win over Club America, a Mexican team during the club World Cup semi-final saw the footballing body, FIFA make use of video replays in a trial usage.

However, the technology was during the match, blasted by Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo after it took nearly a minute for Ronaldo’s injury goal to be confirmed as confusion took over the pitch.

During the match where the technology was being tried for the first time by FIFA, Enrique Caceres, Paraguayan referee, signaled that he was checking with a video assistant referee to know if the goal should be allowed to stand.

After waving for play on initially, Carceres then went on to award the goal without making use of the replay footage available to him on a side of the pitch

Modric, former Spurs midfielder had said about the technology,

“It is a new system, even a new event, and I do not like it very much,”

“That is because I think it can cause a kind of confusion and we have not had it explained to us in too much detail.” Continue reading MADRID STARSCRITICIZE FIFA’S VIDEO TECH PLANS


Retired referee, Howard Webb, has been making comments on recent EPL games especially in light of controversies as the season almost ends.

Referee Jon Moss sent off Leicester goal forward Jamie Vardy for diving and awarded West Ham a contentious penalty when he pointed to the spot after minimal contact between Andy Carroll and Jeff Schlupp in the closing seconds of a crucial game. The game eventually ended in a 2-2 draw.

Retired but well respected referee, Howard Webb said the Vardy, who could get miss more games if found guilty of abusing the referee in anger, said he does not believe the talented striker has a case to answer.

“The FA will look at whether to punish Vardy further for berating Moss.

“They extended Diego Costa’s ban recently for his aggression towards Michael Oliver but Vardy might be saved by the fact he left the field fairly quickly.

“Screaming at the referee like that wouldn’t happen if this was a Champions League game, as Leicester face next season. Refereeing as a foreign official was always easier as players didn’t know you well so feared and respected you more,” Webb wrote.

On a completely different case, the former referee hit out at the decision to remove Kevin Friend from Tottenham’s clash with Stoke after fans made uproar online. Many Spurs fans criticized the decision to appoint the referee since he lived in Leicester. They accused the referee of possible bias, especially since he has attended their games with friends and family. With spurs being the main rival for the EPL title, the referee was changed. Continue reading HOWARD WEBB STILL IN CHARGE EVEN OFF THE FIELD

Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much

Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much for their mistakes and it hurts them.

Webb himself had been a high class referee for a number of years before quitting the job following the last World Cup.

Webb says that referees are also human beings and thus, it’s just not possible that they keep making right decisions every day. They are surely going to be making the wrong calls at some point of time, but, that doesn’t mean they should just be slammed.

There have been big mistakes committed by a couple of Elite referees in the English top division off late and the teams, that have fallen victim to those mistakes, have been very critical in the media.

According to Webb, excessive criticism sometimes causes the referees to doubt themselves and their abilities. They start thinking that they are not good enough anymore.

Webb remains in touch with the English referees and he has helped quite a few of them in terms of getting on with the job and not sort of worrying about what is being said about them or their decisions in the outside world. Continue reading Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much

Howard Webb says Diving is getting worse every Season

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb has rejected suggestions that the issue of diving is getting worse with every season. A number of players have already been booked for simulation in the first half of the season.

Chelsea have especially been found wanting in this department, as players like Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have been cautioned for this reason. Many managers have tried to defend their players while there have also been cases of referees making a mistake.Webb is the technical director of the Professional Game Match Officials – a group that is in charge of the referees. Continue reading Howard Webb says Diving is getting worse every Season