The Stoke city manager Tony Pulis has said that the English FA should be taking action on the Liverpool striker Luis Suarez after his theatrics in the match against Stoke city during the weekend. Stoke city were the visitors to Anfield during the weekend and they have not won at this ground for a record 49 years. They have frustrated Liverpool in the last few seasons and this fixture has finished as a 0-0 draw. It was the case once again as Stoke city defended valiantly throughout the match. Liverpool created numerous chances, but failed to take them as usual.

However, the Stoke city manager Tony Pulis was more concerned about the theatrics of the star striker Luis Suarez. Tony Pulis has made no secret of the fact that he would like to see diving eliminated from the game. Luis Suarez was guilty of going down to easily on numerous occasions according to the Stoke city manager, who has called for a ban from the English FA for the Liverpool striker. He has also highlighted the Liverpool defender Glen Johnson, who did not complain too much about a fair tackle from Stoke city player during the match. As a result of this draw, Liverpool continue to sit below the top half of the table.

“I’ve been on about and banging the drum about people who fall over and in one incident in the second half it’s an embarrassment. The FA should be looking at this. Give him three games [banned] and he will stop falling over. We are disappointed with the amount of bookings that we got and we are disappointed that maybe one or two of the Liverpool players weren’t booked. Suarez is a fantastic player with great ability. He is a handful and he is the one player we are frightened to death about,” said Tony Pulis.


Premier league referee Howard Webb has attracted the praise of many following his dealing of the Fabrice Muamba situation in the match against Tottenham recently.

Howard Webb was the referee for the match, which saw Bolton Wanderers taking on Tottenham in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Just prior to the first half, Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch under no contact. He was later diagnosed with a cardiac arrest, which soon lead to his hospitalisation. The match was later abandoned after Howard Webb consulted with the managers and captains from both sides – Kevin Davies and Rafael van der Vaart.

Many have since applauded the decision by Howard Webb to abandon the match. When Fabrice Muamba was being taken to the hospital, the Tottenham crowd joined in the Bolton fans to sing the praise of the midfielder. Now, referee Howard Webb has said that the Tottenham crowd was extremely fantastic in helping him handle the situation. Howard Webb has said that the crowd had gone extremely quiet following the realisation of the seriousness of the problem. This helped the medics to provide the proper attention to Muamba. He also said that he decided to abandon the match after seeing some of the reactions from the players on seeing a player lifeless for about 70 minutes.

“My overriding memory is of the crowd reaction to it all when, suddenly, they all realised the seriousness of the situation. Firstly, they went very quiet. It was as if they all knew it was really serious. Then I could almost sense them encouraging him, and then willing someone to get a doctor. When the doctor arrived and started working on Fabrice, the crowd reaction was amazing, it was as if they were almost pushing with the doctor and willing him to get Fabrice’s heart going,” Howard Webb said in a recent interview.