The toughest is English Premier League

The English Premier League is considered by many fans and experts of the sport of football to be the most competitive and difficult League out of all the top European Leagues. It’s considered to be so tough due to the amount of clubs that are competing for the top spot and have a realistic chance of winning the title.

Another reason why it’s labeled to be so hard is because of the unexpected results that emerge from time to time with the outcome of matches being very difficult to predict and even though Hull City is not one of the most powerful or top clubs in the Premier League, Hull City experienced a nasty surprise after losing against the last team in the Premier League, Burnley.

Hull City is managing to stay just barely alive and out of the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League after having secured a number of admirable draws and a few victories. The team of Steve Bruce was able to secure a draw when playing in the home turf of Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and also when locking horns with Liverpool at Anfield.

Those draws were certainly not mind-blowing results for Hull City but it was still something worth remembering as they managed to snatch 1 point from each of those games even though they played against in the home stadium of those top clubs.

However, there was a result that has disappointed, shocked and frustrated Steve Bruce as he witnessed his squad of players making an underwhelming performances against Burnley as his team lost 1-0 when playing against the last team which is currently located in the standings of the Premier League.

The head coach of Hull City, Steve Bruce displayed his disappointment of the performance of his players after they lost against Burnley and he went on saying that it will not happen again.

“I can’t dress it up any other way. I can’t defend them. Make no mistake. It won’t happen again.For 90 minutes, Hull had an identity crisis. They had prospered as underdogs at the Emirates Stadium and Anfield but Burnley, the ultimate outsiders, usurped them to claim that mantle. There was an expectation for us to come here and turn them over. But we were so lackluster and lifeless it was scary.” Steve Bruce said.

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