25 thoughts on “the worst referee in the world

  1. At the very least, you’d think the keeper would have realized after the first rekick that THIS referee is adhering to the letter of the laws. But no, he comes off his line even further the second time. Dufus.

  2. This is a dumb decision. Good referees won’t blow their whistle for this. All pretentious referees who want to feel the power they have would do it.

  3. @Gruntlify

    actually they do blow for that these days – you’ll notice they have a linesman on the goal line these days for penalty shootouts to prevent goalies from going as far out as the 6 yard line, which they did up until a few years ago – it was getting ridiculous, so referees have clamped down a bit

    but still – i dont see why that meant the game needed to be ended, what a retard that referee is

  4. @balinboy101

    Officialy a goalkeeper can’t do that, but it’s just to prevent GKs to stand right infront of the ball. No ”qualified football referee” would blow for something like this because he barely gained an advantage out of this.

  5. @wrexhamseadogs
    dont really believe you are a qualified ref tbh i think you just said that to get your point across but you are right
    cant really see why he is the worlds worst ref?

  6. info fans: only what is needed in football was finally to drive the video referee, to avoid the contested decision.
    See the world the revolutionary project IVSR net site (international virtual school referees). There is also a video on youtube MINICAM VIDEO REFEREE (how to see eye referee). And it is very important to make a lot of pressure on fans FIFA and UEFA representatives, but I myself can not do anything against the old (conservative) people who govern football

  7. hahah guys are you really fighting about this lol ok just to make you aware in the usa depending on you location age doesnt really matter my friend who just graduated high school is 18 is a grade 6 referee on his way n the next year to becoming a 5. not all the age requierments are mandatory

  8. Okay so you are a FIFA Apointed Assistant Referee? And yes I am quite aware of how old you have to be to start upgrading. Also acording the USSF the minmum age to be a FIFA Asistant referee is 26 as well. Even a grade 4 the minmum age is 24. My guess is you are probably a grade 5 if you are truly a higher grade. Where the minimum age is 19. There you can AR in proffesional matches and international leauge cup games.

  9. yes for a grade one you have to be 26 but for a grade 2 you do not and as for how long I have been doing this well it does not really matter. There are many things that ppl do not know about the US. you can start up grading at age 17 and figure one grade a year well that is only 5 years to max out and give you 4 more years before you can be a grade one. Oh and I am 22

  10. You’re a FIFA referee? What is your name? How long have you been a referee? How old are you actually? Your profile says 20. In the US the minimum age to be a grade one “FIFA APPOINTED” referee is 26.

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