Webb happy with refereeing standard

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb who now works in the Major League Soccer said that he is happy with the standard of refereeing in the league. He said that there is still some occasional mistakes but overall the level has risen over the last couple of years.

He believes that MLS is not far behind the European leagues and that VAR has contributed a lot to the improvement of the refereeing level. He said that previously there were some fouls that went undetected during matches and this gave rise to various mistakes but with the implementation of VAR, the referees can have an additional tool to help them make the best decision.

Howard Webb said that European leagues could learn from the implementation of VAR in the MLS. Indeed the Major League Soccer has been using VAR for quite some time and fans are familiar with all its implications. He believes that fans in Europe and the world will benefit from the MLS experience and this could make football easier and simpler.

Howard Webb said that he does not regret making the switch to the MLS as this has allowed him to discover another culture of the game. Although football in the United States is not as popular as it is in England, it is gradually growing and attracting new players. He believes that the level of football in the MLS has risen considerably during the past five years and that there is no doubt that in the future the United States will be able to compete for the major trophies.

However, he believes that more US players should go abroad to familiarize themselves with different playing styles if they want to progress quickly.

Concerning his favorite for the World Cup, he will be following the England national team and he expects that they will have a great tournament.

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