Arsene Wenger has once again launched a criticism of the TV companies by saying that they never seem to help Arsenal. The club has once again failed to win the Premier League this season, while they are also in danger of losing the top four spot to Everton.

This has been widely due to the packed fixture schedule, which gives opponents a lot of advantage according to Wenger. He says that the club has been given little recovery time between matches. Since they are involved in four different competitions over the season, this gives an advantage to the likes of Everton who are involved in only three.

Wenger also says that the teams like Chelsea and Manchester city have also been given advantage by TV companies in the title race since they would either play a day earlier than the rivals. This would reduce the pressure on players since they did not know the result of the other matches. TV revenue continues to be the biggest reason behind Arsenal’s riches according to the football statistics website england italien odds.

Even former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson tried to wage a war against the TV companies, but he accepted that the revenue provided by those companies makes it difficult to overcome their decisions.

“We never got any help on that front. Never. There is no written rule. When you speak to the Premier League, it is not the Premier League. It is the television companies who help. It is not the Premier League. The television companies decide who plays when and some clubs have maybe better introductions with television companies. We never had and we never tried to influence the decision of Sky or any other company,” said Wenger.

Wenger will at least be hoping that his team manages to end the trophy drought by winning the FA Cup this season.

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