25 thoughts on “Worst Call in College Football History

  1. The worst part about this was the announcers. Man it’s difficult for
    normal Americans to listen to that stupid Hawaiian accent.

  2. Holy shit the same exact thing happened to the jimmy graham and the saints
    a couple of weeks ago. Jimmy graham got the hail mary te catch but since he
    shoved someone and they pretended to fall it got penalized and it cost them
    the game

  3. Good call. The opponent’s leg made contact with the kicker’s back
    foot/ankle (non-kicking leg). Sure the kicker took a flop but there was
    contact. Correct me if I’m wrong but the rule does not say how much force
    must be used, only contact….which there clearly was.

  4. WEll Hawaiians completely hate white people so it is understandable they
    let these Mongoloids call the game.

  5. people complain about all the rules protecting the QB, but what about all
    these rules concerning touching a kicker or punter? if you just look at
    those nancy boys the wrong way, you get a penalty. the only placekicker
    around that other football players wouldn’t want to fight is Seabass

  6. It was the right call. You can’t touch the kicker unless you block the
    kick. It wasn’t roughing the kicker, it was running into the kicker.

  7. That was bad but at least it did not affect the outcome of the game. The
    worst call in football history was the delayed and laughable “pass
    interference” call against Miami in overtime of the 2002 national
    championship game (Fiesta Bowl).
    Look it up and watch. Even an Ohio State fan should be ashamed of that

  8. Watch a video on my channel of a huge college football mistake were the
    receiver drops the ball at the one yard line and then the other team runs
    is back for a touchdown!!!

  9. These announcers suck as bad as this kicker. Not only that but the rainblow
    warriors and fresnot shit dogs suck too! Thay all suck!/ 

  10. Bad call, but worst in college football history?! Come on. Haven’t you
    heard of the 5th down game? Look up the PI in the 2002 National
    Championship. Miami vs Ohio State. That was a terrible call as it literally
    cost the Hurricanes the title…and I’m a Gator fan. I hate Miami.

  11. I would have decked the kicker on the second attempt if I was on defense.
    And then looked at the ref and said “Now that’s a roughing the kicker
    penalty you asshole!”

  12. hahahaha kicker missed three field goals that game what a piece of shit,
    should go on broadway with acting skills like that hell be much more

  13. For those people saying it wasnt a bad penatly jus bad acting seriously
    give me ebola. This isnt fucking basketball where every fucking pussy tries
    to get calls. Yeah stick to that sport and never ever come play football. 

  14. To all the people calling this guy a “soccer pussy” football coaches teach
    diving to kickers. I was kicker for my high school and during my practice
    if we got touched even a little bit he said for me to go down. It’s not
    being a little bitch, it’s being strategic

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