24 thoughts on “Worst Referee Decision Ever over 4 rounds?

  1. @SuBN01z3RaT Hmmm, well they both threw good punches, matters not if you slip or fall or go down as long as you get back up. they both fought well. and yeah hes light brown skinned mixed race which is called coloured by african people if he was black then I would call him black…but hes not black. maybe you have your monitor brightness turned down lol.

  2. @BLACKSYNTH its because most of you people from europe are pussys and have to be politicaly correct and that white guy lost as far as im concerned his ass gets knocked down 3 times how many times did the black guy get knocked down? i dont know how you can call it a tie when the white guy got his ass beat

  3. @SuBN01z3RaT Do some fucking research before you start slagging people off. Black is the American adopted word mostly used.
    The world does not evolve around that shit hole America you live in. Coloured is often referd to people in Africa by there own kind and whites and also often here in the UK !!! Both the White guy & the coloured guy landed mostly equal shots.

  4. @BLACKSYNTH colored dude? hes fucking black you can call a caucasian white but god forbid you call an african black, but onto the video how the hell is that a draw the white guy was clearly getting his ass beat black guy should have won

  5. IT looks like a draw to me. going on your ass is not classed as a K.O the white guy threw loads of sweet shots. same a sthe colored dude.

  6. I think the ref have make a good decision. Lewinson should be counted (not down) at least one time, and two of Dolgovs’ down are unlegit: in the second is almost slip off the ring, and the third is a knock on the nape. For me it’s a good decision, substancially is a tie, but i’m not a ref, i can be in error.

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