25 thoughts on “worst referee decisions in turkey

  1. @Wolfftastic New rule, as long as you go for the ball its not a foul, even if you don’t come near to touching it and take out a player who would have otherwise scored!

  2. @cribbo188 i think seriesfan was meaning that the no goal was excusable. that would be hard to point out for a referee from his point of view. he meant that every other dicision except the no goal was unexcusable. this ref should have gone to specsavers thats for sure

  3. this referee needs glasses…. so he can break the glass and slit his own wrists the useless twat oh and btw @4400seriesFAN you are a fucking idiot if u only think the no goal was a mistake 1:49 is clearly a penalty the goal keeper got no contact on the ball

  4. the one starting 1:14 there was two things wrong. not only was it inside i don’t think it was even a foul anyway. he trips whilst trying to pull the ball back.

  5. They were all fucking tough decisions. Id lime to see ONE of you try and make a sine decision he had to make – without replays and with 45,000 at the stadium and 6million watching.

  6. @SonyCamry your an idiot the whole game was bad refereeing standard in the game was shit and players started abusing it because they could

  7. Refereeing is hard. Everyone hates them and no one respects them. Referees in Turkey are rather good imho. Just watch the any World Cup to witness how good referees change under big deals of stress. Respect the referees. They only want to enjoy the game and return back to their families afterwards.

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