24 thoughts on “worst referee stoppages and mistakes – volume four

  1. @MrSzymonSz Yes, I have been knocked down by a hook kick to the jaw, a flurry of punches, and I have been choked out via rear-naked. I am well aware of the sensation as well as the mechanics of what causes a “knock-out.” I am not debating that he regained his senses quickly, that is all to apparent, though the brain “flickering” is not healthy, and shutting down is a defense mechanism to avoid further damage if at all possible, not to continue getting beat because everything seems okay.

  2. @TheGODAcronym
    Trips and takedowns have nothing to do with knockdowns. Your brain switches off for a fraction of a second when you go down after a punch. Unless of course, it’s a body punch or a slip-up. That’s why you go down. You lose balance and fall because your brain just got splashed against your skull. Sometimes you get right back up, sometimes you don’t. Have you guys ever been knocked down?

  3. @MrSzymonSz This isn’t boxing, and no you don’t always go limp when you fall. what about trips and takedowns. The fact is that if you have any composure you would have some elasticity in your muscles, therefore you would not limp noodle the mat. If the brain flickers off even for a fraction of a second, you need to stop because you are going to receive heavy brain damage. This is why you cannot compare the champions of MMA to that of boxing. Listen to Tyson. Then listen to Couture.

  4. @JeeRaph he tripped you moron, let’s see you put two hands on the mat and get uppercut in the face, at least he had the balls to bounce back.

  5. @wes98002 He really hasn’t and if he has, they should’ve stopped it. People say that but he went completely limp. Show me the video where he “receives worse”. I’ll concede defeat if I see him go limp and think, “Ya, good thing you didn’t stop it”. When you lose conciousness, for no matter how long, it’s time to end the fight.

  6. @MrSzymonSz theres a difference between gettn knocked down and knocked out. fedor got knocked out, very briefly but they still stop fights for THAT even. safety and watnot.
    i like fedor alot but he got caught. his fault.

  7. @JeeRaph
    I disagree. Your body goes limp almost every time you get nocked down. That’s the main reason your down. But it usually takes a few seconds to get back up and no one stops the fight because of that.

  8. @Philipstyrer Going a little wabblie for a split second is far different than being unconcious for a couple of seconds. I still disagree with you and so does Fedor. Quit exagerating. Oh and atleast acknowledge the illegal stikes to the back of the head, that Fedor was definately concious for(and no it was not a couple seconds between the uppercut and the two illegal strikes to the back of fedors head.). I guess we can agree to disagree.

  9. @PackOfPeterJackson
    It wasn’t though. Fedor went unconscious for a couple of secconds and Hendo was in a perfect position to keep on punching when the fight was stopped. Had it been any other fighter than Fedor people wouldn’t be complaining.

  10. @JeeRaph No I have to disagree, that was the worst stoppage I have seen in a long time. Fedor has been rocked harder than that and still won the fight.

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