Howard Webb wants video technology to be implemented

Former professional referee Howard Webb has recently stated that he is working towards having video technology to be put into use for official matches and especially for international matches involving the FIFA World Cup.

There was an incident that occurred over 7 years ago which involved Republic of Ireland and France facing off against each other in a two-legged football play-off match that saw the French side coming out on top with a final scoreboard of 2-1 as they qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

In this FIFA World Cup qualifying play-off match between Republic of Ireland and France, something extremely controversial happened as Thierry Henry was shown touching the ball with his left hand before slipping it over to his teammate William Gallas who edged the victory for France.

After the qualification match was over, Thierry Henry himself admitted that it was a hand-ball as he said: “Yes, there was hand, but I’m not the referee. ‘Toto’ (SébastienSquillaci) was going for the front, I was behind two Irishmen, the ball ricocheted and hit my hand. Of course, I continued to play. The referee did not whistl ‘hand’ but I can’t say there wasn’t hand’’

The own player admitted to have made a hand-ball and Howard Webb wants to stop things like these from occurring in the future and this is why the former referee is working towards having video technology implemented in matches. Continue reading Howard Webb wants video technology to be implemented


Sky Sports Pundit Jamie Carragher says that Spain international Diego Costa was lucky for all the actions he meted out to West Ham in their first game of the new campaign.

The game started with Chelsea being the favourite to get the win, but West Ham made them fight hard to get the win. Chelsea dominated the game but couldn’t quite get the goals in. Imeeidtaley after the break, West Ham’s Antonio pulled Azpilicueta in the box, forcing the referee to blow for a penalty. Eden Hazard took the kick and scored Chelsea’s 5000th goal in top flight football.

In the 75th minute, French play maker Payet sent a low but goal-bound free kick but the wall deflected the ball out for a West Ham corner. Payet sent another brilliant effort from the corner, James Collins heads it down but it was blocked with the hand by a Chelsea player, as the calls for a penalty are ongoing, the ball drops again but Collins makes no mistake as he sends the ball to the back of the net with a left-footed volley.

Costa already picked up a yellow card in the course of the game, yet he launched a reckless challenge unto the Hammers goalkeeper Adrian. The referee decided to ignore the calls for another yellow card which would have sent Costa out of the game in the first of the season. Carragher said: “This is a straight red card, that challenge there, it’s typical Costa, it happens too often.” West Ham suffered a second affliction when same Costa scored the match winner in the 89th minute to give Chelsea full three points.

Howard Webb talks about the greatest mistake in his career

Former international referee Howard Webb has stated that the greatest mistake of his career has been in a match opposing Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.

He said that he awarded a penalty in the game and that now he believes that the penalty was unnecessary.

He said that the game was back in 2009, and Manchester United was trailing 2-0 at Old Trafford. Wayne Rooney played a wonderful through ball that set up Michael Carrick one on one against the keeper. Gomes, who was the goalkeeper at that time, came rushing and got a touch on the ball. At that moment, Howard Webb awarded a penalty despite the fact that Gomes has a hand on the ball.

He said that he did not take into account Gomes protest and believed that at that time he took the best decision. He admits that he misread the situation and as a result made a wrong decision to award the penalty. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal on the penalty and allowed Manchester United to come back into the game. Continue reading Howard Webb talks about the greatest mistake in his career


Retired referee, Howard Webb, has been making comments on recent EPL games especially in light of controversies as the season almost ends.

Referee Jon Moss sent off Leicester goal forward Jamie Vardy for diving and awarded West Ham a contentious penalty when he pointed to the spot after minimal contact between Andy Carroll and Jeff Schlupp in the closing seconds of a crucial game. The game eventually ended in a 2-2 draw.

Retired but well respected referee, Howard Webb said the Vardy, who could get miss more games if found guilty of abusing the referee in anger, said he does not believe the talented striker has a case to answer.

“The FA will look at whether to punish Vardy further for berating Moss.

“They extended Diego Costa’s ban recently for his aggression towards Michael Oliver but Vardy might be saved by the fact he left the field fairly quickly.

“Screaming at the referee like that wouldn’t happen if this was a Champions League game, as Leicester face next season. Refereeing as a foreign official was always easier as players didn’t know you well so feared and respected you more,” Webb wrote.

On a completely different case, the former referee hit out at the decision to remove Kevin Friend from Tottenham’s clash with Stoke after fans made uproar online. Many Spurs fans criticized the decision to appoint the referee since he lived in Leicester. They accused the referee of possible bias, especially since he has attended their games with friends and family. With spurs being the main rival for the EPL title, the referee was changed. Continue reading HOWARD WEBB STILL IN CHARGE EVEN OFF THE FIELD

Howard Webb has the task of selecting the officials for the Premier League

In August of 2014, Howard Webb decided to step down from refereeing as he ended his career which extended past 20 years of being in charge of matches as the referee.

After stepping down as coach, Howard Webb opted to initiate a new career as he took up a role of technical director of the Professional Game Match Officials Board.

The Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) is an association of football referees which has the objective of providing match officials for all games that are played in the Premier League of England.

This assignment of selecting match officials for the upcoming season of the Premier League has now been given to Howard Webb.

The general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) is Mike Riley and he has praised Howard Webb as he said that this new role that Webb has taken up has allowed him of having a better understanding of the organization and he has what it takes to fulfill these new tasks and assignments which are being given to him. Continue reading Howard Webb has the task of selecting the officials for the Premier League

Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much

Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much for their mistakes and it hurts them.

Webb himself had been a high class referee for a number of years before quitting the job following the last World Cup.

Webb says that referees are also human beings and thus, it’s just not possible that they keep making right decisions every day. They are surely going to be making the wrong calls at some point of time, but, that doesn’t mean they should just be slammed.

There have been big mistakes committed by a couple of Elite referees in the English top division off late and the teams, that have fallen victim to those mistakes, have been very critical in the media.

According to Webb, excessive criticism sometimes causes the referees to doubt themselves and their abilities. They start thinking that they are not good enough anymore.

Webb remains in touch with the English referees and he has helped quite a few of them in terms of getting on with the job and not sort of worrying about what is being said about them or their decisions in the outside world. Continue reading Howard Webb believes that the referees, these days, get criticized a bit too much