24 thoughts on “Worst Referee Decision in Rugby World Cup 2011

  1. @Crebralassassin Your argument is not very relevant. you can’t speed for some good reason, even if it concerns health. You (or a witness) have to call the emergencies if you have an accident, otherwise you can put other people in danger. Anyway I understand your meaning, as soon as there is human decision, interpretation is possible. BUT we can’t say that this red card is a wrong decision. if you look at the video, and then read the rule…we can just say that the referee applied the rule.

  2. @samsagace14 no there’s still a discussion, its like speeding, say the law says you have to drive at 30mph in a particular zone, but no one obeys the law, but then one day someone drives at 35mph while speeding to hospital and gets randomly arrested and fined, the person says “i need to get to hospital because my head is bleeding” and the officer says I’m sorry but thats the rule………..do you see the silliness in a literal and dogmatic interpretation of the rules?

  3. @Crebralassassin The rule 10.4(j) from the directive says “If the player is lifted and dropped on the ground from a height that is dangerous for his safety, sanction is a red card”. So no discussion.
    we can be fan, but not blind.

  4. @samsagace14 there is a discussion, since worse tackles than that had gone unpunished in the same world cup,a huge game such as that, with warburton having played so well and been one of the stars of the tournament…..i thought it was one of the worst decisions id ever seen in my life.

  5. The International Rugby Board (IRB) has ruled that a dangerous tackle of this type, sometimes also called a tip tackle, should be punished with a straight red card.

    Ruined the game, I was livid with him, but he made the right call. Bring on 2015!

  6. Im still unhappy about the call…
    fair play to the ref, its a stressful situation and he felt like he needed to make the call.
    I feel the slowmotion doesn’t show it in its true colours. Clerc does just bounce right off him which ends up causing a great tackle to be a bad one, It wasnt malicious and not Sams fault. Red, no. I would probably agree with yellow, to discourage people who do try to make tackles which are dangerous.
    He landed on his shoulders, painful yes illegal, no. pesonal opinion

  7. These pundits are full of shit. Pienaar: “he’s been one of the cleanest players in this world cup” – yes, until he dropped Clerc on his head.
    “he’s the captain of a team playing fantastic rugby”/”the world is watching” – totally irrelevant

    Jenkins: “it’s the first 20 minutes of a semi-final” – irrelevant.
    “if anything he’s made too good a tackle” - um, no, good tackles are safe.
    “Clerc’s probably 20kg lighter” – irrelevant

    Dallaglio – “he’s not put him on his head” – did he watch the clip?

  8. look a the people who are saying the takle was ileagle is probally a Frenchie Irishman Or a english man… you wait till wales wi the six nations!

  9. Fairplay the ref wasent consistent but we played so well even though we were a man down . England lost by like fve points we lost by one and played far better and we were a man down

  10. @llewellleo, man, there is definitely red card even if it’s a semi final, see how the French fall on the ground on his neck, so dangerous! n anyway, the french didn’t win the world cup cause of ref mistakes during the final!

  11. @LusoAustralian You cant control a collision when they are that big. The level you and I play rugby at, is incomparable to what these guys do. You have an 80Kg winger running at full speed into a 110Kg flanker who is used to tackling people his own size and bigger. You cant expect him to adjust for that in a split second. you have to have more sympathy for the players. Do you think you should red card players for accidents? Nothing wrong with the referee. Its just a shit rule.

  12. @TeifiValley123 Red cards are for when someone could’ve seriously injured themselves. Clerc could’ve broken his neck and so it was a sending off. It is a red even though I feel sorry for Wales because had he controlled it better he could’ve so easily won them the game. And I do play rugby and it isn’t hard to control a collision, if you lift players off the ground then it’s out of control but you never needed to lift them off in the first place.

  13. It was a red card because the rule go as follows:
    “lifting a player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground whilst that player’s feet are still off the ground such that the player’s head and/or upper body come into contact with the ground is dangerous play.” Dangerous play is a straight red therefore the ref had no option to send him off. Even if Warburton didn’t want to hurt clerc he committed a red card offence

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