25 thoughts on “Worst Referee in the UFC ?

  1. 1. That’s not Herb Dean. That dude is overweight and balding, not to mention a bad referee. He’s the complete opposite of Herb Dean. All black people don’t look the same.

    2. Referees aren’t in the UFC. They’re employed by Athletic Commissions.

  2. @thegame2011able Its the governing athletic commission. More men behind desks who wouldnt know the difference between a cross and a hook. Dana White on several occassions has pushed for former fighters to become full time referees but the commission wont allow it as there may be bias decisions on their part.

  3. @thegame2011able Thats why Big Mick is the best Ref in the game. He trains with the likes of Randy and Brock from time to time so he genuinly knows when someones going lights out.

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