24 thoughts on “Football Referee gets ATTACK!!

  1. @reshit27
    Shout your moth you mother fucker Turk. What you savage turkish have done to players of Swiss and England football teams, won’t be never forgotten.

  2. @reshit27

    well, we actually give a shit what TURKISH people think about us.. i’m german and the whole world knows you are one of the worst so shut the fuck up and do it better first

  3. @Assghan4Life
    I do not mean everybody, but there is more than one asshole. Pay attension – at 0:12 captain in a green jersey pushes feferee before coach starts chasing him. There are couple of guys who want to fight. Then at 0:25 another player from the same team, number 18 fights with somebody else. At 0:27 a guy in navy jacket next to player 11 is trying to kick with his feet. At 0:34 a guy in white sneakers tries to punch from behind; at 0:54 kicks his feet referee, etc. at 0:56 fan in jeans

  4. @zekerduzzz what do you mean by “animals” in your own country they attacked a football player and killed them all europeans are aniamls? no you are an animal 😉

  5. Iraniens = peuple primitive qui ne sais agir que sous la coupe de la violence .
    Regardez cette bande de Fanatique n’ayant aucune connaissances des droits de l’homme . Ils sont prêt à donner la mort à un arbitre pour une décision sportive minime ( un carton ).
    Je crains que en 2011 il y est encore un écart d’éducation et de civilisation importante entre certains peuple de notre planète …..Causes : gouvernements ? religions? Oppressions des autres pays? Comment peut on en arriver la?

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