25 thoughts on “Ridiculous Football Dive | Cheater | Futbol | Futebol | SOCCER | Funny | FAKER UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  1. well diving is real gay! and it is cheating and ppl who say its tactical to
    do to win a game are nothing but fucking ppl with no honor or respect and
    should go dive of a fucking building and see if thats nice too!

  2. @haandkantslag lol are you being serious?? blatant dive and he was offside.
    the player who dives plays a one-two with the guy who plays the through
    ball and you can see he is actually marginally offside too.

  3. @josephsaliba79 yeah i agree, but thy wont because they said it will slow
    down the game to much

  4. Simply had to comment on this. First of all, the dive ain´t that bad
    considering how fast he´s going. Why not show the distance between them
    when they´re close so you can see if there is any reason for him to dive.
    Second: He´s not offside unless the other guys passes the baal. Third: That
    song you put in the video is way more tragic than that dive. 🙂

  5. @haandkantslag mate you are lacking in some knowledge of football. Are you
    perhaps related to the diver in this video? your first point would make a
    hell of a lot of sense if this is true

  6. Its nonsense,FIFA really needs to put an end to this , time to bring new
    tech to the game.

  7. Absolutely pathetic. And the worst part is he is rewarded with a penalty
    kick. This means other people will continue to do the same thing. I like
    soccer/football, but diving has no place whatsoever in the game. Red card
    and three match ban for anyone doing it.

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