24 thoughts on “Worst decision made by a football referee ever !

  1. Well suck it up, this what people call football and just because you’r American docent mean it always football so shut up and deal with it you stupid American football player

  2. @5Sush0 OMG people r dumb, i made this comment as an expression i mean this ain’t football like i meant it as like the fouls and offsides were unfair n shit, omg don’t u guys get it? it’s called an expression, gosh y’all can’t be tht dumb -.-

  3. Video referee – Successful testing of the video referee Premier league Czech Republic, second year.
    video clip for youtube.com/watch?v=1eaGTrTMb50

  4. Add Instant Replay for scoring plays and problem solved. The England – Germany World Cup match may have turned out differently with Instant Replay and it’s also a check and balance against corrupt referees.

  5. No one should be allowed to ridicule a Referee, they shud refuse to ref any game until everyone learned to respect the ppl who Ref this game – then where wud they be! what a terrible example they are to children and the rude bad behaviour they learn from their influential behaviour. Be adults and take the good with the bad and give the impression that football is played, commentated on and managed on by mature ‘grown ups’.

  6. @ultlaxbro69 – So you have never played it right ? Imean you are right though. American football is such a good game. Lookat how many countries have rushed out and started their own professional league. Not like that girly soccer. Harly anybody plays that … just a few countries here and there.

  7. @TheGumballman12 I’m English and rugby isn’t a mans sport have you seen the tackles they do in NFL people have died playing NFL and also rugby and NFL are not the same at all coz rugby you can only pass the balll back and in NFL the passes and runs are a lot better than rugby

  8. @ultlaxbro69 American football is not for men. They all wear armour because they’re scared they’ll get hurt, RUGBY is for men, all they wear is a thin shirt and some shorts. And rugby and American football are basically the same.

  9. @ultlaxbro69 You say that yet American football player’s wear armour so they don’t get hurt. In rugby it’s pretty much the same, but all they have is a thin shirt and some shorts. much more “manly” than american football

  10. @ultlaxbro69 american? only you guys call this game soccer when everywhere else its called football. on the other side, the thing you call “football” doesnt use the foot much dont they?

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