25 thoughts on “Worst Referee Call Ever

  1. @fpcguitarist320 so your saying that he DID have possession of the ball for a very miniscule infantesimal amount of time. the rules only say that he has to have possession. not he has to have possession long enough for people to feel comfortable with.
    sincerely- NFL handbook reader

  2. This led to the infamous press box game as both Danny Ford and Bobby Ross had to coach from the press box in the next game between the 2 teams .I’m not sure what Ross did,but i believe it for the same thing that Ford did arguing with the reffs.

  3. you know whats funny? at 0:04 it says the score is 31-31, then they get a touchdown pass and it goes to 34?.. LOL. what kind of crap is this?

  4. @trebcourie lol @ Danny Ford. I’m an Arkansas fan and he never really did much at Arkansas, although he finally recruited a good team for the first time in his tenure and he finally wouldve had a good team but Arkansas fired him and gave it to Houston Nuttsack and Nuttsack got to look good in 1998 and 1999 with Danny Ford’s players.

  5. I know you gotta sometimes pursuede the refs, but damn that ref is single tracked.

    **uh balls in air, in his hands-grou-OH HIS HANDS ARE IN THE AIR TOUCHDOWN!**

  6. Not only did he not catch that pass, the playclock was at 0 before the play started.

    As Danny Ford said to the head referee (whose crew had also made a bad call the week before in Chapel Hill), “I called you a sonofabitch last week and I’ll call you one this week.”

  7. Keneko,
    I figured there was a chance he was a latino type of gangbanger fella because of his name.

    By the way, did you notice that I posted my remarks one year ago?

  8. wow, i’m just gonna go with BluntFella on this one because you (astanfo) brought this argument in an un-gentleman’s manner and called him an idiot, which yes BluntFella you shouldn’t be THAT pissed off… also, “i wish you were in punching distance” just think of that again astanfo and please tell me how that makes him in 6th Grade and a Maryland fan? are you trying to be cool and bring him down, because that is what internally insecure people do, bring other people down. BluntFella, how does

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