23 thoughts on “worst referee ever ovrebo fails

  1. @steamingmidget That’s why the English Football is the BEST IN THE WORLD!
    PS: I’m portuguese and to be honest i hate my football because our players lose time whit every fucking thing…

  2. barca and real madrid are the fackist teams ever they dive and dive and dive but when they foul somone which they always do the call is never made

  3. @californiatorres129

    lol Torres, Gerrard…now Torres has come to chelsea and not dived..hm funny that. And you buy the thug Carroll and the DIVER Suarez.

  4. @bodylove2009ab
    thank god fifa is putting in this new technology. and if they put in instant replay videos lk this one wouldn’t have to be put up to show ppl how some refs are full of crap. EVERY barca fan knew that was a penalty!

  5. @californiatorres129
    ur right victory wouldent be fair but the penaltes coude have made barcelona to be more care ful and not so rackless

  6. @bodylove2009ab
    penaltes. cuz u never know if they would hav made them so giving them the victory wouldn’t be fair, but then again none of this game was fair :/ lol

  7. @bodylove2009ab
    yeah i mean he kicked him once in the leg, and it’s like wow wat a bitch, and he kicked him AGAIN and it’s like WTF

  8. @californiatorres129
    yes i agree the ref wasn’t so good when england played agenst germeny but it is not even close as bad as it was for chelsea.they should have been given at list 3 penalties

  9. @bodylove2009ab
    the world cup refs were so full of shit. i think the entire planet can agree with that. especially my home country england

  10. @bodylove2009ab
    i dont disagree with this call, i mean he kicked him twice in the shin and the ref was full of shit but generally chelsea do get many calls in their favor when they dive

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