Essien Agitated With Issues On Appearance Fees

Michael Essien is seriously miffed with the very publicized row regarding appearance fees of the Ghana team. In a recent interview with Dzamefe Commission, the famous midfielder from Black Stars has remarked that the problem with appearance fees o would not have been a huge deal had the authorities been actually straight with the footballers,

Dzamefe Commission have been entrusted with the responsibility to investigate Ghana football team’s appearance in recently concluded 2014 World Cup

“Our appearance fee wasn’t exactly the problem. The main issue was the promise & failure to fulfill whatever assured”, stressed the star midfielder while speaking to the Commission over camera.

“We players score for pride & it’s a great honor to be on field for Ghana”, continued the much revered midfield maestro. “I have sacrificed in spite of 9 surgeries whilst playing for my country.”

Essien had a prolonged interview with Dzamefe Commission in camera through Skype, spanning for an hour. The interview has been described as “fruitful” for both sides by the Commission.

“These & other explanations, recommendations, denials, revelations would assist the Commission in reaching to recommendations and conclusions post fact-finding. Other players would be heard very soon”, read a statement from Dzamefe Commission.

As per the reports from Justice Dzamefe Commission PRO Thomas B Agyemang, Essien has denied all accusations regarding refusal to warm up ahead of Portugal match. Speaking on the issue he noted that as per his knowledge, substitutes won’t need warming up always prior to the games.

“They only warm up while changes seem potential for the games”, explained Essien. The star midfielder , whose sole game during World Cup 2014 was as substitute in USA-Ghana 1-2 loss match, also expressed discontent on having “too many of people around squad & this must be checked.”

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